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ProtoMon overview.

Overview Overview
Using ProtoMon Using ProtoMon
Monitor list Monitor List
Info panel Info Panel
Features list Failures List
Statistics viewer Statistics Viewer
Maintenance scheduler Maintenance Scheduler
Reports scheduler Reports Scheduler
Adding monitors Adding Monitors
Import monitors Import Monitors
General settings General Settings
Content filter Content Filter
Content parser Content Parser
Monitor alerts Monitor Alerts
Testing monitor Testing Monitor
Monitor types Monitor Types
Ping monitor Ping Monitor
HTTP monitor HTTP Monitor
FTP monitor FTP Monitor
POP3 monitor POP3 Monitor
IMAP monitor IMAP Monitor
SMTP monitor SMTP Monitor
Telnet monitor Telnet Monitor
SFTP monitor SFTP Monitor
Custom monitor Custom Monitor
Console monitor Console Monitor
Agent monitor Agent Monitor
Alerts Alerts
Pop-up window Pop-up Window
Sound alert Sound Alert
E-Mail notification E-Mail Notification
Overriding alerts Launch Application
Overriding Alerts
Sound settings Sound Settings
E-mail settings E-Mail Settings
Launch settings Launch Settings
Other features Other Features
Bulk edit monitors Bulk Edit Monitors
Internet connection Internet Connection
Remote viewing Remote Viewing
Summary report Summary Report
Logging Logging Settings
Registration Registration
Support Support

ProtoMon is a powerful yet easy-to-use network monitoring software. It will periodically check your websites, servers and computers and notify you, if any problems. So you will be able to take the actions to fix them, even before somebody noticed the failure.

The standard version of ProtoMon can monitor any number of computers and servers simultaneously. The product is provided as try-before-you-buy, which means that you can freely download and install it on your computer for a 30-day trial evaluation period.

Below are the short descriptions of the basic ProtoMon features. For more details, please refer the corresponding topics of this online help.

The Internet and network servers monitoring:
  • Website monitoring (HTTP, HTTPS). The program supports all types of queries, HTTP authentication, proxy servers with authorization, redirects, content checking, etc.

  • File server monitoring (FTP, FTPS, SFTP). The monitoring software can download a file from the file server and check its content using the boolean expressions filter.

  • Email server monitoring (SMTP, POP3, IMAP). ProtoMon supports the secure versions of all mail protocols. It can check the messages count and the folders list, and can send a test message on every monitor check.

  • Telnet monitor and SSH monitor. The software can execute a script on the remote computer, grab its output, and check it using the content filters with support of the boolean expressions.

  • Check the connection to any TCP server on any port.

The remote computers system information monitoring:

This feature requires ProtoMonAgent to be installed on the remote computer. ProtoMonAgent is a tiny and FREE Windows service that allows ProtoMon to read the following information:

  • CPU. Number of processors; current load; average and maximum load since the last query.
  • Memory. Total and available amount of physical (RAM) and virtual (PageFile) memory.
  • Disks. Existence; type; GUID; total and free disk space.
  • Operation system. Version and build numbers; installed service pack.
  • Files. Size; creation date and time.
  • Processes. CPU and memory usage.
  • Registry keys values.
  • Services statuses.

Please see the Agent Monitor help topic for more information regarding this feature.

Other monitors:
  • ProtoMon can launch any console application or batch script, grab its output, and check it using the powerful boolean expression filters.

Alerts and notifications:

When a monitor check fails, ProtoMon can do the following actions:

  • Show a pop-up notification window.
  • Play a sound.
  • Send a notification e-mail message.
  • Launch any external application, file or URL.

ProtoMon can identify the Internet connection failures, thus you can:

  • Get separate statistics for the servers downtime and the Internet connection problems.
  • Specify, whether you wish to trigger the alerts when Internet connection fails, or not.
  • Force ProtoMon to re-check the monitors more frequently, if the Internet is not available.


ProtoMon stores complete statistics for every monitor, thus you can:

  • Get your servers checking time, uptime, downtime, minimum and maximum response times, and other values for any period you wish.
  • See the graphics representation of statistics on the intuitive chart with the support of zooming and panning, and descriptive hints.

You can review the ProtoMon status and monitoring statistics remotely:

  • Enable the built-in web server to access ProtoMon from any computer using your favorite web browser.
  • You can configure ProtoMon to periodically save its interface as the static web pages to the specified folder. So you can use an external web server (Apache, IIS, or any other) to access this data.