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Console application monitoring.

Overview Overview
Using ProtoMon Using ProtoMon
Monitor list Monitor List
Info panel Info Panel
Features list Failures List
Statistics viewer Statistics Viewer
Maintenance scheduler Maintenance Scheduler
Reports scheduler Reports Scheduler
Adding monitors Adding Monitors
Import monitors Import Monitors
General settings General Settings
Content filter Content Filter
Content parser Content Parser
Monitor alerts Monitor Alerts
Testing monitor Testing Monitor
Monitor types Monitor Types
Ping monitor Ping Monitor
HTTP monitor HTTP Monitor
FTP monitor FTP Monitor
POP3 monitor POP3 Monitor
IMAP monitor IMAP Monitor
SMTP monitor SMTP Monitor
Telnet monitor Telnet Monitor
SFTP monitor SFTP Monitor
Custom monitor Custom Monitor
Console monitor Console Monitor
Agent monitor Agent Monitor
Alerts Alerts
Pop-up window Pop-up Window
Sound alert Sound Alert
E-Mail notification E-Mail Notification
Overriding alerts Launch Application
Overriding Alerts
Sound settings Sound Settings
E-mail settings E-Mail Settings
Launch settings Launch Settings
Other features Other Features
Bulk edit monitors Bulk Edit Monitors
Internet connection Internet Connection
Remote viewing Remote Viewing
Summary report Summary Report
Logging Logging Settings
Registration Registration
Support Support

ProtoMon can execute any console application, wait until it is finished, and receive its standard output. Despite of a modest appearance, in conjunction with Content Parser it becomes one of the most powerful monitors. Especially considering that the content parser can save the parsed content and compare previously saved values with the new ones.

Console monitor

All this thanks to the batch files, which give you many additional posibilities. They can implement complex logic and program flow, do math, run another programs, execute scripting engines, manage processes, files and registry, and much more.

Write a batch file that performs the necessary task and sends result to the standard output, and specify the content parser and success criteria in PotoMon, to identify whether result was successful or not. ProtoMon will do the rest: scheduled monitoring and reporting, statistics gathering, and sending notifications on failures.