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Professional server monitoring software.

ProtoMon 2.5 Build 495
  • One time price
  • Free minor updates
  • No recurrent payments
  • Unlimited number of monitoring tasks
  • Free fully-featured 30-day trial
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ProtoMon screenshot

Server monitoring software is intended to regularly check your servers, and let you know, if some of them become unavailable, or it takes to much time for them to respond.

Nowadays, every serious business rely on the servers. No one notices them, except for admins, as long as they do not fall. If they fall, it is a disaster and chaos. E-mail server is down? Lost some important business correspondence. No free disk space on file server? Lost several days or weeks of data. Even a slight drop in performance leads to poor quality work.

ProtoMon helps to prevent such unpleasant events. It performs the website monitoring jobs, checks the file servers using FTP and SFTP protocols, checks the e-mail servers via POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols. And it sends pings, of course. Using the free ProtoMonAgent system service, the software can monitor a variety of parameters, from CPU usage and disk space to running processes and registry.

Each system administrator has his favorite scripts to manually check the vital network parameters. ProtoMon can be configured to execute these scripts using the telnet and SSH protocols (basically on Linux computers) or by running the Windows batch files. Then it can receive and analyze the script output to identify whether the check passed or not. In fact, this feature allows to monitor almost everything, including different kinds of hardware sensors and devices.

Just like the diamond cutter, ProtoMon increases the power of scripts, giving them the same appearance and adding the edges of regular execution, error notifications, scheduled reports, and generation of statistics.

When some failure occurs, server monitoring software tries to collect as much information about the error as possible, to help you eliminate it faster. The verbose logs include full data received from the server or script output.