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Advanced website monitoring software.

ProtoMon 2.5 Build 495
  • One time price
  • Free minor updates
  • No recurrent payments
  • Unlimited number of monitoring tasks
  • Free fully-featured 30-day trial
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ProtoMon screenshot

The main purpose of the website monitoring software is to detect your website outages and performance issues, and instantly send you an alert, so you can take the immediate actions to fix the problem.

Website is an important and integral part of any business, that makes it more accessible to the customers. With a website, your customers get the opportunity to find some valuable information about your products and services, order them, and to contact you at any time.

Many company owners understand this, so they spend a lot of money to order the site with the high-quality web design, that will be attractive to the customers. And then even more money is spent to promote this website, so it can get a high search engines ranking.

But there is also the third thing that needs to be thought about. The website can become unavailable at any moment, because of the different technical issues. And the customers, which are trying to reach your website at that moment, will see only some error message. So they can leave to find some working alternative, and never get back. That is why it is in your interest to get know about these issues as soon as possible, and fix them.

Our network monitoring software is the only thing you need to perform all kinds of the website monitoring jobs. ProtoMon can ping your website with any interval, starting from one second. It can download specified web pages, check redirects, check the downloaded content, and identify the content changes.

The software will notify you about any problems using several different methods. It also provides you with full monitoring statistics and automated reports.

For more info, please see this quick start guide: website monitoring software.